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B Lazy T Ranch is a family owned ranch based in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  Owned and managed by Brad & Trixie Grill along with our two children, Braden and Brylee.  We run a modest sized herd of registered cows while managing over 300 head of commercial cows.  This allows us to test our genetics in the tough commercial sector.   We believe our cows are as moderate framed and  easy fleshing as any you will find.   This being said, we still expect them to bring in a calf that not only fits, but excels in todays beef industry. We cull  our cow herd hard from the ground up, if she  doesn't have good feet we need not go any farther.   Our cows are run right along side the commercial herd except during the breeding season, there is no pampering or special care.  The replacement heifers are weaned and wintered with their commercial counterparts on grass and very little grain.  As you can see,  we do everything we can to provide our customers with a product that will enhance their enjoyment as well as their pocketbook in the cattle business.  Our door is always open and we would love to visit with you about our program as well as yours.

Brad and Trixie Grill
12256 Argyle Road
Hot Springs, SD 57747

H - 605-673-5518
C - 605-891-3041
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