• Sale day photos posted below. Sale results are coming soon. Click catalog to view.

    • B Lazy T Ranch would like to thank their customers, along with all the Red Western customers who took the time to come to our 13th annual sale this year. And a big thanks to all the ones who joined us via DV Auction that couldn't be there. We are thankful for each and every one of you and appreciate your business.

      We have posted some pictures of our day, so feel free to scroll down and check them out. You will also see our niece Fehrin pictured with the gentleman that bought our Lot #7 bull which Fehrin received half the proceeds from to put towards her Volleyball Service Learning trip to Costa Rica.


    • I have been using B Lazy T Ranch bulls for well over 10 years and have been more than impressed with the genetics of the bulls, cows, heifers and the calves they produce every year. The disposition of the bulls is amazing. Working a calm, easy going bull saves a lot of time. With having a full time job outside of ranching, I have come to rely on calving ease and little cattle maintenance. The energy of the calves right after they are born and how fast they grow is outstanding. The heifers I keep, always have great feet and udders. The Grill family is always there to answer any questions we have and their knowledge on their genetics is staggering. They are an amazing family with the best bulls around. 

      Mike Jarding, B Lazy T bull customer

    • Currently being involved in cattle production and financial management, I have witnessed B Lazy T Ranch going in the direction that will help ranchers not only improve their own genetics but also increase profitability in their operation. They have selected sustainable genetics that will withstand the financial versatility and environmental challenges in agriculture.  

      David K., Financial Livestock Consultant

    • We were honored with receiving the 2016 Ag Producer of the Year for Fall River County

    • As many of you may already know, our brother-in-law, Vern Ward, was involved in a severe horse related accident on February 12th. He suffered a major head injury and required surgery to remove skull fragments from his brain. As a result, he spent several days in intensive care, then transported to Englewood, Colorado for some rehabilitation. Vern will be at home by the time this catalog reaches you as his recovery has been unprecedented.
      Vern’s oldest daughter Fehrin, is a starter on the Black Hills State University volleyball team. Among many other accomplishments, she was recently invited to participate in a Volleyball Service Learning Trip in Costa Rica. Because of the recent life changing events and now mounting financial need at home, Fehrin had considered passing on this experience. Our families both agree that this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and want to help the cause in a particular way.
      Fehrin wears #7 on the volleyball court, so 1⁄2 of the proceeds collected on Lot #7 in the sale will be donated to the Ward family to aid in Fehrin’s amazing experience. Good luck Fehrin!
      Uncle Brad & Aunt Trixie, Uncle Jeff & Aunt Diana

    • John Tanner from Tanner Ranch in Edgemont, SD bought our Lot #7 bull. Fehrin was able to make it down with her family the day of the sale to be with us. Here is Fehrin pictured with John, who is a customer with a long list of buying history and great supporter of the Red Western bulls.

      Thank you John for all you do to help us continue doing what we do!

      And good luck and safe travels to you Fehrin on your trip.

      Lots of love from Uncle Brad & Aunt Trix, Uncle Jeff & Aunt Diana

    • At left are your sale hosts, Jeff Grill, Doug Fick and Brad Grill. At right L to R are Jeff & Diana's sons, Cade & Chance, and on right is our son, Braden.