• Growing up in Iowa on my family farm I (Brad) always had a few crossbred cows around. Two of my favorites that I can remember were a couple of old red angus cows. They were deep bodied, big ribbed, moderate framed cows that always brought in a good calf. Shortly after that we bought a red angus bull to use on the herd. The crossbred calves that we got out of him on this small herd of cows sealed the deal for me that the red angus breed was what I wanted to be a part of. I bought my first registered red angus cow my senior year in high school and have slowly been adding to it through the years. My senior year of high school my family moved to Hot Springs, SD and after 5 years of college, I returned to the area and began ranching.

      I will be the first to admit that when I first started buying registered cattle, I didn’t have a goal in mind. I was buying cows that had popular pedigrees and good numbers. I soon realized that many of these genetics wouldn’t work in the environment I lived in and my goal began to develop.

      In 1999 I ran into a young lady working in the cattle barn at the Black Hills Stock Show and two years later we were married. At that time, Trixie and I established the B Lazy T Ranch. We have continued to add to our herd of cattle and kids through the years. Braden was born in 2004 and is now a teenager who would prefer being home on the ranch most days rather than in school. He has a true love for both sports and hunting. He has started his own registered herd of cows and is a junior member of both the South Dakota Red Angus Association and the American Red Angus Association. Brylee followed along in 2006 and also loves ranch life. We're pretty sure it's safe to say that calving and branding season are her favorite times of the year. She has also started her own registered herd. Both of the kids love being in 4-H and the county fair is definitely the highlight of their summer. Trixie is my jack of all trades. Besides helping with all the daily chores and work, she keeps up with kids, house and also helps wherever and whenever needed.... calving, A.I.ing, preg checking, clipping sale bulls, you name it. I am thankful to have her and the kids at my side. We truly enjoy the friends that we have made in the ranching business and feel blessed daily that we can raise our family in the rural lifestyle.

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    • We visit family & friends in Iowa at least once a year because we love the area Brad grew up in and the family and friends that are still living there.

    • In 2016 we made it to our first ever college football game. We sat in Kinnick stadium and watched the Hawkeyes win a game. What an amazing experience it was!