• Welcome to our Ranch Pix page! This page is made for your enjoyment. We wanted to post some pictures of what we do here on the ranch from day to day, season to season throughout the year. Some of these photos are when the kids were quite little and they follow them up to current date. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to some of these pictures and we hope you enjoy them. 

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    • The kids showing their 2016 4-H steers at the Fall River Co. Fair

    • Sometimes we take a break from ranch work and have fun

    • We love 4-H! We try to pack in as much as we can throughout the year to involve the kids and we also do as much work and fun as we can at the Fall River Co. Fair each year. Brad is a member of the Fall River Co. Fairboard and I am the President of the Fall River Co. Parent/Leader Association. It's the one big thing we do as a family that keeps us connected to each other and a part of something amazing. There is nothing else we can think of that teaches the kids responsibility, leadership, character and so many other amazing life skills.  

    • Pictures from the Atlas Storm of 2013 in western South Dakota. This blizzard dumped high volumes of very wet heavy snow. They say that many of the hundreds of thousands of cattle that died had drowned from ingesting the wet snow as they tried to find shelter. It's a sight that none of us will ever forget. 

    • Good happened from the Atlas Storm. Here are pictures of Braden and Brylee with friends, Bridget Romey and Ryan Koupal just weeks after the storm hit. These kids took it upon themselves to use Halloween as the night they would bypass all candy in their buckets to ask for monetary donations specifically to put into the Ranchers Relief Fund to aid Atlas Storm victims. Here are pictures of them counting their donations from that night. After all was said and done, they ended up raising just under $800, in one night! They made such an impact with their selflessness that their story made local & national news.

    • Pictures of the Myrtle fire that burned portions of the ranch and came within 2 miles of our home back in the summer of 2012

    • These next several photos are from the 2017 Fall River County Fair. Braden and Brylee worked so hard and it showed with all they accomplished.


    • Braden won Reserve Champion Feeder Calf and was the Grand Champion Junior Beef Showman. Brylee won Grand Champion Market Beef, Grand Champion Breeding Heifer and was the Grand Champion Beginner Beef Showman. We were so proud of both of the kids. They work so hard all summer with their 4-H projects.

    • The picture above in the middle and also below shows Braden who inherited Brad's love of wanting to raise several different species of animals. Fall of 2017 he decided he wanted to use some of his County Fair earnings and buy some sheep. He bought 8 bred SAMM x Rambouillet ewes. As of the end of January 2018, he was done lambing and 4 of them had twins for a total of 12 lambs.