• Pix by Trix

    • Thanks for visiting my photo page! Photography is a passion and a hobby that I picked up after having kids. I have never claimed to be a professional photographer, as you may notice; nor do I want to be. I am just a ranching mom who loves the outdoors, loves our amazing life and loves photography. Most of all I love to take pictures of our two awesome country kids! I’ve always said that if I could be granted one superpower in my lifetime, it would be to have a camera set within my eyes so that in one blink I could forever capture all the amazing images I see. Where is that Genie in a bottle when I need him? 

      I hope that some of my photographs touch a part of you. Whether it be through humor, happiness, surprise, wonder, excitement, amazement, peacefulness for the country life, or just takes you back to an old memory you have of your own. I want to be able to share with you, a small part of who we are through my pictures.

      So this is us. Pieces of our life all wrapped up in photographs for you to enjoy.