• Homegrown Meats

    • B Lazy T Ranch has been offering homegrown all-natural beef for nearly 20+ years to new and returning customers in several states in the U.S.  Our beef are grown slow on grass before being finished on a grain ration here on the ranch. The beef you purchase have never been fed or implanted with any type of growth hormones or been injected with any type of antibiotic. After the beef are butchered, they are aged in order to ensure the optimum eating experience. Here is what you’ll want to know:

    • Beef Prices:
      Whole beef  4.29/lb
      1/2 beef  4.39/lb
      1/4 beef  4.49/lb
      Hamburger  5.00/lb (loose burger)

       Thank you so much to all of our customers for your continued support of what we do. We enjoy being able to eliminate the middle man to ensure you are getting the best quality beef on your table. 

      • We offer quarters, halves and wholes
      • All meat is federally inspected at our locker where it is processed in Sturgis and Wall, SD
      • All meat is sold by the hanging carcass weight
      • We bone-out and vacuum seal all meat. If you choose to want your meat cut or wrapped differently, we would like to know the day you place your order. 
      • Any special orders, such as special cuts or bone in cuts, will have to be orders of at least 1/2 beef per both locker plants. The lockers do not provide special cutting instructions on a 1/4 of beef. Cutting sheets are available to be emailed upon request. 
      • Free delivery first 100 miles and mileage will be applied at the lowest cost available after that
      • Beef is available on a first come basis and we typically have customers on a waiting list so get your order in now.